Write for Us

First things first!

Interested in writing for Prudite!? Great! We’re always excited about new, fresh voices and perspectives.

Before pitching, please review the guidelines below and do the following:

  • Learn about our Vision & Mission. While we’ve briefly outlined below the topic areas and story formats we publish, the best way for you to get a sense of our tone and scope is to cozy up for some QT with the site. The top reason we turn down pitches is that the articles might be great but not aligned with our core mission.
  • Google your own idea. It might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how often we’re pitched stories that are very close to articles we’ve seen in other publications. We’re looking for original stories and angles, so if your pitch has been widely covered in a similar way by other titles, we likely won’t approve it.

Pitching format

We accept all pitches on a rolling basis. Your pitch should include the following:

A working headline (hed): This will give us a sense of the story’s tone and angle. What’s your unique hook?

A brief description: What will the story cover, how will it be framed, and what questions are you hoping to answer? We understand that some of this will be determined during your reporting and writing process, but a few sentences on what inspired the piece (a trend? a study?) and how you are conceptualizing it is important.

We solicit and publish personal essays, multi-expert reported features, market and commerce roundups, and op-eds. We do NOT accept previously published articles or blog posts.

Sources: The majority of the content on Prudite includes original reporting. Who would you like to speak to for your story? Please name specific people and brands or types of people (e.g. a fitness trainer, psychologist, neuroscientist, etc.). Go as far as you can with your research, We like articles that can cover various angles and draw perspectives over a topic.

A brief bio and clips: You should include a line or two about who you are and what you bring to the table as a writer (i.e. why are you the best one to tell this story?). Also include samples of your past work (links, not attachments, and/or a portfolio website).

If you seem to be someone credible and blend with us, we might approach you later on.

Topic areas

We primarily publish stories of people who have used Fitness as the foundation for their Life and have achieved Triumph over Traumas & Tragedies.

We also publish articles in both Print & Digital Magazine about various angles of how any individual’s mental health can be affected and how it can be balanced, this can range from depression, and anxiety to addiction, etc. ( i.e., Educating the reader about the in’s & out’s of any topic and break down into action steps.)

You can dive into topics that are related in any way to the above-mentioned topics, like How Bad Food Habits can lead to Depression? etc... ( Food Habits, Diet, Workouts, Psychology, Neuroscience, Behavior Analysis, Personality, Lifestyle, etc..)

We are focused on Fitness & Mental health, and how the former can serve as a basis for developing the latter. So we cover a wide array of topics, Pitch with an open mind. Go through our Vision & Mission.

We also publish new digital content on a rolling basis.

Be open to pitching any ideas that might align with us.

Contact details for Pitching:

Pay rates

Your rate will be agreed upon at the time of assignment. While our standard rates are noted as a reference point below, we understand that not every article fits nicely into one of those buckets, and accordingly, all rates are subject to editor discretion and negotiation.

For reported pieces:

Tier 1: $150-$300 (500-800 words, 0-2 sources)
Tier 2: $350-$450 (800-1200 words, 3-4 sources)
Tier 3: $500+ (1200+ words, heavily reported)

For personal essays and op-eds:

Tier 1: $200-$400 (600-1,000 words)
Tier 2: $400+ (1,000+ words)

Thank you—we look forward to reading your pitches!