Tyson Fury : Triumph over Trauma

You may have everything and everybody in the world but no one can stop you when you are going through depression. But you are not alone in depression. Reasons for depression are different for each individual but the pain is never different. It is easy to say “I had a toothache” than say “I broke my heart”.

What people see in you and what you feel about yourself are very different. Unfortunately, no one notices your tears no one notices your sadness no one notices your pain.

When you cannot control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to it. This is real POWER

One of the top 5 greatest heavy-weight boxers who has been through this stage of life and made a glorious comeback and never looked back.


Born on 12th August 1988 an English Professional Boxer, 2-time world heavyweight champion, and ranked as the world’s best boxer in April 2022.

Obstacles & Challenges in Fury’s life started right from his birth as he was born prematurely weighing 1 pound. Doctors told his father there was not much chance of him living but he survived the premature birth and no one would have imagined this baby to grow 6’9” tall and 265 pounds.

Fury made his professional debut at an age of 20 in 2008. Having a fiery start to the carrier, Tyson defeated Bela Gyongyosi with a combination to head & body in the 1st round. He then had more fights in space of seven months defeating all the 6 fights via knockout within 4 rounds.


24th June 2016, Tyson was sustaining a sprained ankle in training. The rematch with Klitschko was postponed due to this and the same day Fury and his cousin were charged by UK Anti Doping with the presence of a prohibited substance. On 23rd September, Fury failed a drug test for cocaine a day before the second postponement. Fury cited problems with depression after the positive test for cocaine.

Fury’s mental health deteriorated after winning the world titles. On 4 October 2016, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Fury said “I’m going through a lot of personal demons, trying to shake them off, this has got nothing to do with my fighting – what I’m going through right now is my personal life. I’ve not been in a gym for months. I’ve been going through depression. I just don’t want to live anymore, if you know what I’m saying. I’ve had total enough of it. Never mind cocaine. I just didn’t care. I don’t want to live anymore. So cocaine is a little minor thing compared to not wanting to live anymore. I am seeing help, but they can’t do anything for me. What I’ve got is incurable. I don’t want to live. All the money in the world, fame, and glory, means nothing if you’re not happy. I’m seeing psychiatrists. They say I’ve got a version of bipolar. I’m a manic depressive. I don’t even want to wake up. I hope I die every day. And that’s a bad thing to say when I’ve got three children and a lovely wife isn’t it? But I don’t want to live anymore. And if I could take my own life – and I wasn’t a Christian – I’d take it in a second. I just hope someone kills me before I kill myself. I’ll have to spend eternity in hell. I’ve been out drinking, Monday to Friday to Sunday, and taking cocaine. I can’t deal with it and the only thing that helps me is when I get drunk out of my mind.

British Boxing Board of Council decided to suspend Fury’s boxing license.

In 2016, Fury made a tweet about his comeback in 2017, and hours after Tyson’s comeback announcement British Boxing Board of Council publicly announced that fury was still suspended and would not be fighting. The fury case was “Complex” and it had been adjourned.


Fury challenged UKAD to give him a reply, and either ban him or reinstate his boxing license. He believed he was being treated unfairly as it had been over a year for them to reply. December was set to a hearing start date after Fury faced a 4-year ban. On 12th December, UKAD announced the provincial suspension on Tyson Fury expires at midnight 12th December 2017.

Fury maintained innocence from day one and was happy that it has finally settled and not be labeled doing cheating. The BBBoC said they would consider the renewal of Fury’s boxing license in Jan 2018.

Fury’s Tweet, “Guess Who’s Back?


Fury weighed 276 pounds, 66 pounds heavier than his opponent. but he had lost 112 pounds for the fight, having experienced extreme weight gain due to his mental health problem. Fury defeated his opponent in round 4 as he retired on his stool facing Fury’s heavy shots in round 4.

Late Fury fought & defeated Pianeta, the former 2-time world title challenger. In the big fight between Fury & Wilder, Fury has still won the fight after being knocked down twice. The “Gypsy King” has returned. And then he never looked back with all wins till he retired.

Once you make a comeback from depression, you can build the inner self that can withstand the battle outside of self. If you master the mind, it will never let you fail.