8 Simple Tips: How to avoid hernia from workouts

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What is Hernia?

Hernia is when some organ inside your body exposes itself to the outer layers by a rupture in your abdominal muscles. This kind of weakness in your abdominal lining exists either by genetics or by your lifestyle. We need to avoid hernia while performing any activity.

There are different types of hernia depending upon the area where it occurs. You can read more about it here.

Having a hernia is not a life threatening situation but it can cause a lot of discomfort and restricts you from doing regular things that your daily life engages you with. So we need to avoid hernia and When neglected, it can cause pain even with the slightest movement in your abdomen.

So, if you have any doubts about having a hernia and whether or not it needs to be fixed. Please, consult your doctor.

There is only one sure way to repair a hernia and that is through surgery. But in some cases, homeopathy treatment has shown great results. It’s up to you to decide about what kind of treatment you want to go through. But it is better to avoid hernia (Remember, Prevention is better than Cure.)

In a typical surgery, the doctor might fix the hole by overlapping the abdominal muscle with the tissues or place a mesh material to patch the hole.

What are the causes that lead to hernia?

As we have stated earlier, hernia in most cases is caused by genetics which is totally out of our control but in some cases, hernia can also occur when you cause extreme stress on your abdominal muscles. Let’s see how to avoid the later situation.

  • Overweight

People who are overweight or out of shape are more prone to get a hernia than people who are fit. When your abdominal fat is excess and your not in proper shape, the abdominal lining gets thin and can be damaged easier.

Sometimes, doing just a simple task like moving a couch or lifting a heavy box can cause a hernia because your muscles are not in their good strength to help you with the task and you are just pulling the strings too far until it breaks!

  • Stretching and Warm up

Even when you workout, it is very important to warm up your muscles for that strenuous work out ahead. When you bring your body from rest to exercise, the muscles are stiff (like thin frozen water layer) and if you don’t warm up your body and bring them back to normal state and just go straight to workout, they will crack (hitting the frozen water layer with hammer).

It is very important to stretch and warm up so that your body adjusts itself and prepares for the workout ahead. If you are about to run, take a good length of brisk walking.

Learn how to run effectively from this article:

  • Working out and lifting weights

Lots of times, bodybuilders and even people who started working out fear they might have a hernia while lifting weights. This fear is very common.

Have a good warm-up routine before you start working out. Make that routine include both stretching and dynamic warm up.

And when lifting weights, know your limit and work on that. Don’t be too cocky and lift something that is totally way out of your strength just to compensate your testosterone!

Start with small weights and increase the weight as you progress. And when you increase the weights, do it in small progressions. This will help your body to adjust and not to tear itself apart.

When you see some progress, your muscles start to grow and strengthen. This will reduce the chances of getting a hernia.

  • Don’t force your Reps

When working out, don’t force yourself to push through the point of failure. Build some momentum and continue to work with that. Always look for the long-term.

Do you want to do this 1-rep with extreme effort? or do you want to build strength that can handle the exercise with increased weight?

When you hit a limit and can’t do another rep, stop and do another set with same reps after a break rather than pushing yourself through that one rep with bad form.

  • Breathing

When you work out or lift weights, always breathe from your belly. Breathe in while your lowering the weight and breathe out while you are lifting the weight.

This breathing style will help you perform better and it is much safer. This will remove the pressure on your abdominal muscles during the workout. Lot of people might totally disregard how they breathe during workout but this is very critical.

  • Avoid smoking

Don’t worry, this is not an anti-smoking pitch but one thing is sure that smoking can load your body with a lot of toxins that can decrease your body’s ability to produce enzymes that promote the cell creation and growth and this can seriously effect the muscle tissues.

Also, smoking will cause heavy coughing which is common among people who smoke regularly. Heavy coughing can also lead to hernia.

  • Constipation

If you are experiencing constipation regularly, your chances of hernia will go high. Because during constipation you will have to put a lot of pressure on your abdominal walls and this can cause a tear in the lining and cause hernia.

Include foods that are rich in fiber into your diet. Adding lot of vegetables and fruits will be helpful to cause smooth and regular bowel movements. Avoid any unprocessed foods and food products that contain refined sugars and preservatives.

Consume healthy and natural foods for your health and customize your diet for your workout goals as well.

Another, most important thing here is to drink lots of water (at least 1 gallon per day).

Workouts that can strengthen your abs and core, also help to avoid hernia

Include these exercises into your daily routine.

  1. Planche : This is a great exercise to build strength in your abs. Maintain a good form through-out the exercise and start by doing it for a minimum amount of time. ( say – 30 seconds.)
  2. Side Planche: This can be a little challenging. It involves balancing your body on a single elbow and maintain a good balanced form.
  3. Crunches & Situps: These exercises will help you build strength in your upper and mid – ab muscle groups.


Most likely hernia occurs by genetics but still with proper strength training and diet, you can eliminate it’s chances.

Always be fit and healthy, do not go to extreme limits of your physical capability in a quick manner. Build your strength with incremental steps and always maintain proper form in any activity.

Make some healthy lifestyle changes and including some activity, this will help you to avoid hernia and eliminate the chances of a lot of other health-related problems.