How to get rid of butt fat

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Having excess fat in your butt area is a very big problem because this fat is very stubborn. This butt area is one of the least concentrated parts of your body and getting rid of butt fat from this area is much difficult.

Some people want to have a big butt, then if you think this article isn’t for you. Please, having a big butt and having excess fat in your butt area are two different things. And, you still need to study this article.

Let’s go ahead and analyze how you can possibly have gotten into this situation and how to get out of it.

Why fat gets stored in your buttocks?

This is mostly because of a genetic condition called Steatopygia. This is where due to your hormones, your body tends to store more fat in your buttocks region.

This happens mostly to women because this actually helps them after pregnancy, where they have to feed the child. But, this can also be seen in men.

So, now we know the cause, and let’s get to the solution.

What are the problems with big fat butt?

There are a lot of problems that occur with this condition. It ranges from physical to psychological.

It can cause lower back pain where your muscles are stretched to the limit. Having a big fat butt can make you conscious of yourself because it sticks out. This can easily bring your confidence down and by the way, it can also decrease how people can get attracted to you.

This situation can also decrease the level of mobility in your hip flexors, and throwing all the work onto your hamstrings can get tired each day pretty quickly. If you face this kind of problem, it is probably because of the excess fat in your butt.

Where to focus on your body for reducing fat?

One most important thing to consider here, you have to develop your upper and lower body simultaneously. Your body cannot shed fat from a single region, SPOT REDUCTION is a myth. So, focus on improving your overall body.

I am linking necessary articles as well, that will help you understand more about why this is important and you don’t become prey to the myths out in the world and waste your time around them.

Your body sheds fat in its own way, It burns fat in the areas where it is easier for your body like the face, arms, back, and then comes to the areas where your body stores fat more. This area can vary for different people.

How to change your diet to get rid of butt fat?

This is a crucial step as all your fat shedding process relies on this. What you feed matters more than how much you work out. Don’t be fooled that breaking sweat intensely in a gym for 2 hrs every day in a month will bring any great changes, you have to begin your fitness process from the kitchen.

There are a lot of apps that can help you track your food and calories which is a great way to monitor what you eat and drink. These apps also have an additional feature where you can save your workout regiment details along with calories burnt.

Remember, you can only improve what you measure.

Keeping a log of what you have done will give you a chance to look back on what worked and what didn’t work for you.

  • Eliminate Junk food

It is so easy to fall for this, especially when there is a McDonald’s on every street corner and offering food at low prices, which by the way are not as healthy as you would assume. This will make your health deteriorate and lose energy levels over time. Avoiding junk food is a must, as all the workouts and diets you followed can be drained with this step.

Develop good and healthy eating habits, Look for yourself, and choose what makes you get into your best shape.

  • Avoid Sugar/Processed Foods

Exclude processed foods and sugary items from your diet. This can cause you to lose all the gains and possibly get you into even the worst shape too. Don’t neglect this as it can cost you more than you can think. If it brings some kind of lifestyle health issue, then it will be a tougher battle.

How Cardio helps to get rid of butt fat?

Cardio is a great way to lose fat. It helps in building stamina and at the same time improves your cardiovascular health. It is very crucial that you include cardio but it is also important to understand how effective your cardio training is.

There are different forms of Cardio:

  • LISS: This is a much more relaxed pace of training but carries on for at least 60 mins, This helps in building endurance.
  • HIIT: This is a highly intense form of training that will test your stamina and build at the same time.

The Best Cardio Training for Fat Loss

We often hear the term HIIT but this can be very strenuous and demanding on our bodies as this mode of training will not let your body recover optimally.

But there is another method which is called HIRT – High-Intensity Repeat Training and this helps you to burn fat without making you feel depleted. You can actually enjoy this workout and continue with your daily activities and get back to training the next day feeling energetic.

How Weight Training helps you get fit and get rid of butt fat and maintain it?

As much as cardio helps in burning fat, it is the muscle mass that determines how fit you can be. The amount of muscle determines your metabolism, which breaks fat molecules. Include weight training along with cardio and see your body get into a nice shape.

Stair climbing, Squats, and donkey kicks are effective to exercise for your glutes/butt muscles.

Muscle training will burn fat throughout the day. As it increases your metabolism, the amount of fat burn is more than compared to cardio. Cardio can help you in shedding fat but weight training is even better. Don’t neglect any of it.


Your butt shape can be a problem for your posture while sitting / standing/sleeping. The kind of shape it has can drive people away from you. It is much better to determine which shape you want your butt to have rather than just settling with what you have.

Spot reduction of fat is a complete myth, but you can spot train which is what we tried to make you understand. Make changes to your diet and include both cardio and weight training in your workout regiment. This will bring your butt into a nice shape.

Be confident about your body but also be sure that you are healthy and fit.