How to Cure Heat Rashes from Workouts

How do heat rashes from workouts occur? You have finally brought your body to the gym floor or running track to put your workout plan into action. Maybe this is a new year resolution or looking to build that dream body. You have made a commitment and a few days into the training, you feel a prickly sensation on your body. Maybe this is on the shoulders or your back or thighs, groin or back of your knees or armpits, somewhere. But it seems to irritate and annoy you like hell, what is this? Well, you’ve got a heat rash.

I mean, this is not uncommon but needs to be handled gently. Everyone at some point will experience this and you just have to make some adjustments to treat this.

Particularly, if you have gone through rigorous training and got yourself chiseled down to look like Captain America or I don’t know some superhero! You also wanna look like that not just building muscle. Heat rashes not only cause intense irritation but also will make your body look like an oddly poked hot dog. Not something anyone wants to take a look at, right?

So, let’s just see what and how to handle heat rash.

What are Heat Rashes?

Heat rashes are tiny bumps on the skin that irritate. The severity of these rashes ranges from white-fluid-filled mild blisters to red puss-filled bumps on your skin. And by the way, not everything is a heat rash.

Commonly, people get confused with acne as heat rash. Both occur as a result of pores getting clogged. Acne happens when skin pores are stuck with dirt and dead skin cells. Heat rashes occur when sweat clogs your pores.

So, let’s see why this happens. Heat rashes generally occur in summer where the temperatures are high. Your body starts to compensate by sweating and when this sweat instead of getting evaporated, it clogs your pores, and heat rashes tend to occur on your skin.

Even when you work out, your body sweats, and if you are particularly doing it in an environment where your sweat gets dried up. Then this can also develop heat rashes.

Not to forget, the kind of clothes you put on can also act as a catalyst for this, tight-fitted clothing can block your sweat from getting evaporated, and particularly wearing tight clothes such as skin-tights and leggings can affect you.

Heat Rashes from Workouts

Your body while working out gets heated and then it starts to sweat to remove that heat from your body. This is the general body response to heat. But when you are working in a hot and humid environment or weary clothes that don’t provide any room for sweat to evaporate and escape.

Additionally, if you sweat profusely then it will have a bigger problem. So, we need to address these issues.


Well, Heat rashes are common for people who exercise particularly during hot days. Generally, these get healed naturally on their own but at the same time, you can help yourself by doing a few things.

  1. If you are exercising often in hot weather, even indoors this can affect you, so moving to a cooler environment can help your body in the cooling process.
  2. Periodically, during the workout or running, take a wet cloth and wipe the sweat on your body. This will help to cool down as well.
  3. This step is very important after every workout. You need to remove your sweaty clothes and take a cold shower quickly. This must be a habit for you, as you clean your body from sweat, and taking a cold shower will bring your body temperature down. This step alone can bring a huge difference.
  4. You can try using a lathering cleanser which helps to clean up your skin pores without causing any irritation where your skin is in a sensitive state.


Before Run

  1. Always hydrate your body well. This can help you in maintaining body temperature. Of course, drinking water can bring a lot of benefits. Don’t overfill, instead of running it will make you just carry your belly to another place. Keep sipping periodically to have enough hydration and continue running.
  1. Schedule your runs for morning and evening hours. Where the temperature is not so high. Avoid running or working out in sun and not with a bare body.
  2. Regardless of whether you workout or not, if you are going out into the sun, it is very better to apply an adequate amount of sunscreen with SPF greater than 30.
  3. Prefer wearing loose-fitted clothing. This will give some room for your sweat to evaporate and your pores can breathe comfortably.

During Run

  1. Seek shaded areas to stay out of the sun. Sunlight is very beneficial for your body health but prolonged exposure can lead to sunburns and if you neglect too much, this can also lead to skin cancer.
  2. Try using aerosol water spray during running breaks to help yourself cool down. If you generally over-sweat, this is a good choice to not overheat your body.

After Run

  1. Take a quick cold shower to lower your body temperature and clean the sweat.
  2. Use a pH-balanced soap for your body and use a gentle cleanser or face wash. It is not a good choice to use soap for the skin.
  3. Pat dry your body with a soft towel. Do not rub your body to get the water.
  4. Use a gentle moisturizer that will maintain your body’s skin-water level.


Now, you can understand why these heat rashes from workouts occur and what are they. And also developing heat rashes will make your body feel uncomfortable while working out as well. You don’t want to lose gains or cuts because your body blocked a tiny hole on its outer layer, right? So, you need to incorporate the steps mentioned in this article to make your body feel awesome and also look good.

But if those heat rashes do not go away after a few days, It is very advisable to make an appointment with a dermatologist.