Psychology of Depression: How to Ruin your Life?

I am in that temper that if I were underwater I would scarcely kick to come to the top. – John Keats Rare is the individual tho goes through life without at some point being afflicted by the anguish to which Keats refers. Sometimes this is triggered by an adverse or tragic event but often … Read more

Passivity: How it effects Mental Health?

‚ÄúThis is one of the most urgent problems for civilized man. He has created civilization to give himself security. Security for what? For boredom? His chief problem seems to be that most human beings need a certain amount of challenge, external stimulus, to stop them from sinking into the blank stare and blank consciousness of … Read more

Malavika Hedge: A Lesson in Fortitude

An Indian multinational chain of coffeehouses was founded in 1996 by V.G. Siddartha. Since the start of Coffee Day chain has expanded rapidly across the nation with more than 100 cafes and own estates of 20,000 acres for producing arabica beans, the largest producer in Asia. “A lot can happen over a Coffee” But on … Read more

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury : Triumph over Trauma

You may have everything and everybody in the world but no one can stop you when you are going through depression. But you are not alone in depression. Reasons for depression are different for each individual but the pain is never different. It is easy to say “I had a toothache” than say “I broke … Read more