7 Best Butt Fat Burning Exercises

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If you are having a fat butt or a butt that is out of shape and causing you trouble in free movement. Even, losing some dates can happen because your butt shape can attract people and repel them too. So, we have brought these butt fat burning exercises to achieve best shape.

Let’s get it right and bring our body into nice shape so that you don’t have to worry about it. Remember, consistency is the key to see results and in this case, you need a hell of work to get it done.

The main step to get your body fat percentage down is your Nutrition. It plays a big role and the kind of nutrition you follow will determine whether you are going to accumulate fat or keep the fat levels down after shedding those pounds of fat.

Can we burn fat in the butt region alone?

NO, this is called Spot Reduction and know that it is a false claim if anyone ever tries to make you believe that it works. Your body burns fat on an overall concept. IT just can’t concentrate on particular area.

Even though your body influenced by genetics, can store more fat in one area than other parts of your body. It fails to burn fat in one area.

Burning fat happens on your overall body and if there is any area that has excess fat deposits, your body concentrates on it after your overall body fat percentage comes down.

You might not be able to Spot Reduce Fat but you can Spot Train any part of your body by incorporating Cardio Workouts and this can help burn overall fat and focus on those parts by isolating them and burning fat in these areas.

What are the types butt fat burning exercises?

You have to include both cardio and strength training workouts into your regime. Because, cardio is the best way to burn fat and builds endurance.

Cardio workouts can increase the amount of fat burn and they are very suitable for people with obese or older age. Even for people who are just beginning their workouts.

Strength training builds your muscle which increases metabolism and it helps burning fat. Your cardio workouts burn fat and strength training builds muscle which replaces fat and stops fat to increase as there is muscle.

Like we already said, Muscles are metabolically active and they burn fat during rest.

How should we improvise our cardio sessions?

There are variants of cardio workouts that you should know about and use them to your need.

  • LISS – Low Intensity and Steady State
    1. Incline Walking
    2. Stair Climbing
    These workouts are done at a pace where your heart beat is at its 60% of its maximum. Pretty much where you can workout and talk at the same time. These workouts should be done for an extended period of time. Generally, it lasts for about more than 45 minutes.
  • HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
    1. Sprints
    2. Burpees
    These workouts require you to perform at maximum intensity where your heart beat reaches 80% of its maximum. These generally lasts for about low amount of time i.e. 25 minutes. These workouts have an additional benefit called “after-burn effect” which helps in burning fat even hours after your workout. But keep in mind, these won’t show any result unless you change your diet.

Which Weight Training workouts help to burn butt fat?

Like we said earlier, building muscles boosts your metabolism and helps in burning fat. These workouts brings great shape to your butt.

Even after your burn fat from your butt area, it can be still perky or out of shape. You need to work on giving them some shape and also tone the muscles.

  1. Barbell Squats
  2. Walking Lunges

These workouts focus on your lower body and especially your glutes, quads and hamstrings. They bring your butt into a nice shape.

This is important because a fat butt or a flat butt is not nice, you need to burn the fat so it gets shrink down from it’s wide size and also shape it into nice, round and firm butt.

What is the most important step for fat burning?

Nutrition, this is incredibly important and it determines whether you are going to see any results from your workouts. You need to include some nutrient dense foods and focus on a healthy diet.

Calorie counting is a great way to cut down your diet to the exact limit but if you are not really interested in counting calories, just include healthy foods like fruits and vegetables along with some lean meats.

Remember to increase your protein intake and bring your carbs to low or moderate. Your carbs are a source of fuel and your protein helps in repairing the muscle and keeps your body to be healthy.

What are other butt fat burning exercises that don’t require gym equipment?

  1. Chair Pose
  2. Yoga
  3. Rock Climbing
  4. Side Stepping
  5. Donkey – Kick

These workouts doesn’t require you to use any gym equipment and helps you in getting results of burning fat from your butt region.

Try to build a routine of workouts and stick to them for a period of time and you will see some great results. Then, you might add some other challenging workouts that will boost the results over the roof.

Don’t beat yourself by adding too many workouts into your training and experience any kind of burnout.

How fat butt can affect your posture?

If you have got a fat butt, you might experience The Anterior Pelvic Tilt. This means your pelvis is sticking forward and your butt is sticking backwards and this creates a tilt in your pelvic region which gives you a bad posture.


The kind of nutrition you follow and the workouts that are specified in this article can greatly advance your results in reaching your dream of flat butt. It is very important that you maintain consistency and commitment to follow along with your plan.

Believe this! A bad butt shape can easily repel people and yourself too. So, Plan your workouts and diet. Start from today itself and don’t procrastinate on this.