11 Best Foods to Get Rid of Butt Fat

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Diet is the primary step for your journey in fat loss. What foods you include in your diet is more important than the kind of exercises you have in your workout regiment. We need to focus on our carbs intake as it is the main reason people grow butt fat easily.

But never neglect your carbs, they are the fuel for your body. You just need to adjust your macro-nutrients in such a way that can keep you healthy and help your fitness goals.

The fat in your butt gets concentrated more due to a genetic condition known as steatopygia, This is common among women but it can occur in men as well. If you want to have a fat butt that is up to you, but if you are really concerned about your butt size and want to shrink it down. It is time now to change your diet and shape your workout regimen that can help your goal.

In this article, we are going to focus on what are the foods we can consume and we should avoid in order to get rid of big fat butt. You can read these articles for workout regiment details.

Why Changing diet is the most important step to lose butt fat?

Fat reduction starts within your body from the inside rather than outside. If you work out 5 days a week without any focused changes in your diet, you will not see any good enough results. After quite a time, you are going to bail out of it because without any particular result you will not be able to continue for a long time.

Our body shape reflects the kind of foods we take. It’s no magic. You need to make some lifestyle changes. Like, stop eating junk food and start building good eating habits.

By the way, It is very easy to find excuses or even make excuses when you have just made an easy choice over a healthy option. Because you have been habituated to make those choices for so long, It’s important to build healthy eating habits.

You can also learn how to build good habits by reading this book, James Clear’s – Atomic Habits.

This is not a motivation problem or lack of will problem but you need to make some smart changes in a strategic way that would propel your success.

Now, let’s see the list of foods we can eat and also those we must avoid:

Foods that help to reduce butt fat

  • Salmon: This has goof omega fatty acids which are essential for your body and it is a great source for protein intake.
  • Sweet Potato: This is also a good option to include, it is very healthy and good in nutrients.
  • Apple: This is a good option in fruits, good in calories and nutrients.
  • Coffee (black): This is not recommended but for those people who can’t make a day without coffee but Avoid it if you can.
  • Cashew (Plain): Do not consume roasted or salted peanuts, just take plain cashew.
  • Milk: Have this in moderate consideration.
  • Chicken: This falls under your protein intake and it is a major food for its category. So, this should be taken often but also include veggies, just to make it more healthy and balanced.
  • Tomato and Broccoli: This is a good option for your veggies, they are very healthy and nutrient. It helps in reducing fat in your body.
  • Water: Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water, this will help in regulating your metabolism which is a major process of breaking down your fat molecules.
  • Kale (Cabbage, Green Beans): These are good sources of carbs and can also be included along with your protein sources like Chicken.
  • Beef: This is another good option for protein but consumes it in moderate amounts.

Foods to Avoid for reducing butt fat

  • Cakes: These must be avoided, it is just completely filled with ingredients that are going to make you fat.
  • Fries: If you can cook these at home, then it is fine just try to avoid ingredients that can mess up your regiment.
  • Bread: This must be avoided, even if it is brown bread because companies are adding preservative ingredients that can be bad for your process.
  • Beer: This is not good as well, it is better to remove any kind of alcohol from your daily life until you can see any kind of progress.
  • Pasta: This is also bad for the fat reduction process. Sorry, if you are a pasta lover like me but you’ve got to let it go! Even spaghetti meatballs are a No!, I just can’t make this but I want a nice butt.
  • Biscuits and Chocolate: This is a No as well, Not one of them but both. This was not a shocker to me when I came to this point but just not really happy about it.

Fat reduction process starts with your diet change and it has to be very focused on you fitness goals and don’t forget to include foods that are rich in nutrients. Be careful about your carbs-intake, this is the biggest cause for you to get fat. Maintain healthy composition of carbs which will help you in providing energy.


Simply working out 5-times a week will not bring good enough changes, if you want to develop into your best self. Remember, the food you intake is much more important than you assume. Start with a diet plan and then go to your workout plan. This is a good step-by-step approach.

You may see some results by exercising without changing diet but it won’t be last long and it can’t be continued.

See, human beings are wired to seek progress in any endeavor but if you can’t make changes you are going to get stuck with the same results you have experienced. It is better to change your diet and see how effective it can be.